I can’t go for that

Posted January 23rd, 2009 by Eric Greenwood · No Comments

Creation records head Alan McGee compares Animal Collective to Hall & Oates in an editorial for The Guardian. Hilarious, except for the fact that he actually enjoys Animal Collective, whereas I tend to think that the comparison gives Animal Collective far too much credit. The best part of the piece is how it explains Hall & Oates’ metamorphoses from art rock/folk rock genre-benders to R&B balladeers. And how hip hop wouldn’t exist without these two white dudes from Philly. Or something:

“Hip-hop has never been guilt-ridden about taking its inspiration from pop music, and has happily borrowed from the music of Hall & Oates: Method of Modern Love was sampled by Wu-Tang Clan, whereas I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do) is hip-hop remix fodder. Their 1984 epic Big Bam Boom was arguably the first hip-hop and rock fusion album.”

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