“My Life Would Suck without You” (and the money and fame)

Posted January 14th, 2009 by Eric Greenwood · 3 Comments

Not sure where About Today obtained this copy of Kelly Clarkson’s new single, “My Life Would Suck without You”, but it’s a stream-only affair. Musically, Clarkson has her tail between her legs after publicly dissing Clive Davis by insisting she knew best as to her musical direction. Whoops. The song is a blatant U-turn from angry rocker chick with a high school diary to sickly sweet commercial appeal a la Katie Perry. It’s a sausage factory reproduction of “Since You Been Gone” without the “I Will Survive”/“I am Woman” undertones. It’s written by a team of experts and was probably polled to death before final mixing. While it sounds amazing, it’s vapid, soulless pop, even for Clarkson, who made her name with at least a semblance of down-home realness. Clarkson obviously wants to be back on top, her personal musical vision be damned. Cuz, like, making mountains of money and being way famous-er is totally better.

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