The Starvations, Get Well Soon (GSL)

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The Starvations
Get Well Soon
By: Eric Greenwood

The Starvations may hail from plasticine L.A., but they better represent its seedy underbelly than the phony blond sunshine that colors your prejudice. For six years the band has churned out its anachronistic punk rooted in blues and bar rock angst, producing only two full-lengths and a handful of singles but culling a devout following, anyway. The band's new album for Gold Standard Laboratories, Get Well Soon, further mines the dark recesses of the dankest bars imaginable with a fierce sense of anxiety and desperation. To those raised with this band's musical heritage (Flesheaters, X, The Gun Club), the sense of familiarity might border on unoriginality or shameless repetition, but for those unaccustomed to what L.A.'s answer to punk originally was will revel in the galloping torment of drunken rockers like "Red Wine" with its howling chorus and the rumbling projection of The Clash in "This Is What You Wanted?"

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