Modest Mouse, Good News For People Who Love Bad News (Epic)

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Modest Mouse
Good News For People Who Love Bad News
By: Eric Greenwood

Producing the follow up to your career-defining album is no small feat, evidenced by the fact that it took Modest Mouse four years just to rear its head again. Good News for People Who Love Bad News better represents Modest Mouse's twisted back woods vision of the world than did the insular, death-obsessed The Moon and Antarctica. Isaac Brock's bizarre and rubbery word play takes center stage, while the breadth of shimmery guitar pop sounds more immediate and alive than ever before. Unorthodox percussion unearths a latent Tom Waits influence, both musically and vocally for Brock, allowing his twisted, redneck imagination to spiral out of control. However, the summery "Float On" has exponentially broadened the band's commercial reach, bringing the masses up to speed with Brock's theatrical musings, lisped with ferocious and almost positive energy. For an album that contradicts itself at every turn, it has a strangely cohesive flow, suggesting that, perhaps, Isaac Brock is at peace with his extreme polarity.

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