Knifehandchop, Fighting Pig Learns Judo Tricks (Irritant)

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Fighting Pig Learns Judo Tricks
By: Eric G.

19 year old Billy Pollard Scarborough is Canada’s Knifehandchop, and Fighting Pig Learns Judo Tricks is his debut album recorded in mono on his parents’ PC to retain that “in-front-of-the-TV-feel.” Scarborough sifts through pop culture and junk culture with maniacal obsessiveness. Growing up a product of pure technology, he has years of computer games and electronic music built into his system. His music charges through samples and stuttering effects without ever losing the crux of its pulsating rhythms.

Scarborough’s music plays like it was created with a short attention span. The rhythms are jerky and the songs veer off in random, unexpected directions. You can tell he grew up on techno, but he never lets the trappings of old school rave music bog down his music even though all of the ingredients are in there somewhere. Some songs sound like the mutated soundtracks of video games. “Billy” starts off like Depeche Mode on speed while “No Seriously Fuck” sounds like Pong getting raped by Neu.

Fighting Pig Learns Judo Tricks is a condensed version of a gadget geek’s life in less than thirty-nine minutes. “Neuromancer” has a rhythm track that recalls the sound of a dying spaceship in Atari’s Asteroids coupled with inventive and memorable yet slightly familiar keyboard lines. Scarborough’s sense of humor weighs heavily in each track, especially in “Dancemix 1992”, which stacks, staggers, and deconstructs cheesy samples by awful “artists” like Bobby Brown. Knifehandchop is the soundtrack to your Playstation nightmares.

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