Sing-sing, Feels Like Summer Ep (Bella Union)

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Feels Like Summer Ep
Bella Union
By: Eric G.

Sing-Sing is a duo featuring ex-Lush guitarist Emma Anderson and singer Lisa O’Neill, who has lent her voice to tracks by Locust and The Mad Professor. This EP features just three blithe tracks that mix sixties soul with light electronics. The focus is on O’Neill’s girlish but sultry voice, which harmonizes well with Anderson’s spry soprano. Sing-Sing is fairly minimal compared to the like-minded Cinnamon, but both bands have a distinctly retro feel.

The title track has an inherently maudlin tone despite the breezy guitars and irresistibly catchy hooks. O’Neill sounds resigned but her voice is subtle and seductive. Her inflections remind me of Bjork’s child-like exasperations only more reserved. She is British after all. “Hit And Run” is even more oblique, playing up O’Neill’s role of the sexy chanteuse; she hits certain notes that’ll just make you melt. Sing-Sing peppers the latter two tracks with more electronics, steering away from the Motown soul sound of the single.

“Command” is the sleeper of the EP, though. It takes a few listens but eventually stands out as the best track with its snaky bass line, deluxe synthetics, and, of course, entreating vocals. Anderson’s guitar is awash in reverb but practically sounds clean compared to all the effects she drenched her guitar work in while in Lush. Sing-Sing plays the type of music that Pizzicato 5 would have a field-day sampling. I can’t wait for this band to put out a full-length. I could listen to Lisa O’Neill sing all day.

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